Terms and Conditions


The “Vote For Lebanon” application, referred to later as VFL, allows users to vote on their demands and any other vote placed by VFL, and it collects and counts the voting results to be presented to users.

The subject of the vote can be, but not limited to, a vote on demands, clauses, and questions, directly or indirectly related to Lebanon.

The VFL app owns the website www.voteforlebanon.org, and the approval of the terms and conditions signifies the express consent to all the terms set by the VFL.

Instruction Manual:

The user enters his registration phone number in order to receive a text message that includes the OTP number he enters to activate the application.

The user can enter his personal data, and he can choose whether or not to publish that data on the voting results.

The user has the right to vote on the demands he deems appropriate or on any questions raised, and he has the right to enter a new demand.

The VFL application allows the selection of only three demands, the introduction of new demand, and the demands can be modified and a new demand entered 24 hours after selecting or entering the last demand.

Terms of use:

One of the conditions for using the application is that the user has completed eighteen years of age.

When a new demand is entered by the user, he is prohibited from insulting anyone, any government agency, or any of the political figures, or using inappropriate language.

The VFL application has the right to cancel or accept or modify any of the demands that have been entered by users and has the right to exclude votes or options pertaining to the user if the application administration finds or suspects occurrence of a fraudulent vote or attempted fraud in voting by fraudulent data entry and other valid reasons.

Additionally, the administration of the VFL application has the right to suspend any user account at its own discretion according to the reasons stated above.

The VFL application’s administration or any subcontractor, subsidiaries or agents do not assume the responsibility of any technical malfunction or any other problem related to using the application, whether this problem is arising from the Internet, the server, or the provider or any other problems that may delay the use of the application.

The user’s agreement to the terms of use of the application means his explicit consent that the VFL application collects all personal user data, with the aim of improving the application’s service, in a way that such data can only be published with the consent of the user or based on a court order.

The VFL app collects information about the user, including but not limited to, name and surname, phone number, email, photos, place of residence and others ...

The VFL application also sends questions to users to collect the data, and the user can enter the Statistic page of the application to view the voting results, which are the exclusive right of the VFL application.

The user shall be prohibited from publishing the results in any medium whatsoever under penalty of review of the competent court.

The VFL application has the right to amend or add new conditions such as updating the box. Posting such amendments or additions to the site is considered as express notification and consent of the users thereto.

Please check the terms of use every time the application is used.

These conditions are subject to Lebanese law.

The VFL application is translated into several languages, but the interpretation of the terms of use is strictly limited to Arabic translation.

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